Hawk series

A rugged router with a lot of expandability options. Equipped with M.2 expansion slots it is capable of supporting the newest 5G ‘one world’ modems. We have recently finished our 5G tests. It worked very well. Also it showed clearly that the very high -promised- 5G bandwidths are not yet available from the operators. Still with 2 5G modems, in bonding mode performing a nearly 100 Mb/s through the LAN port, is not bad either.

It allows for a maximum of 3 cellular modems and 1 WiFi modem. Depending on the configuration of the 3G/4G modems and/or 5G modems the type of WiFi modem is decided. (This has to do with the WiFi types supported by a M.2 or mini-PCIe type WiFi modem).

This router is ideally suited for support in vehicles due to the ignition control support and it lacks any fan, all cooling is done passive through the cooling ribs on the outside.

3 Ethernet ports, 1 Gb/s each, of which 2 are PoE. The Passari OS frees the user from a strict LAN / WAN port definition. It is up to the end user to define a physical Ethernet port as LAN or WAN, or even all 3 LAN or all 3 WAN (than it is strongly advised to have WiFi at least as ‘LAN’ defined…;-).

4 USB ports (2x USB 2.0 & 2x USB 3.1) support attachement of typical USB devices like storage (NAS like external storage). No cellular dongles are supported.

GPS is an extra option for this device, as well as 4x Digital I/O ports. These are not standard enable in the Passari OS but can be unlocked at special request.

Passari Hawk router.

Equipped with 2 cellular modems

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