Harrier 6 band Cellular Combiner Amplifier

At Passari we have a focus on cellular products, 3G, 4G and now also 5G routers. When being mobile the cellular router is used to produce a high speed on-line experience. However signal conditions, depending on the location and sometimes even time of the day, can largely vary and over distances definitely decrease.

In laymans words; when the distance to a cell tower is increased the signal level is decreased (exponentially) as well as the signal quality. This will lead automatically to increased data packet resents resulting in a increasing signal latency and larger jitter variations.

Signal depreciates quickly when moving away from a cell tower

Keep in mind that all control and management concerning connected devices is taken care of by the cell infrastructure management of the mobile network operator. Your smartphone and our router cannot have any influence on that. These devices just follow the directive of the cellular infrastructure.

Than these devices, exceeding a certain decreasing signal quality, will add extra power to its uploaded signal to maintain signal quality so the cell tower can better recognize the uploaded/sent signal from that device. The downside for truly mobile devices is that the batterylife is decreasing due to the extra power required to send this stronger signal.

Harrier 6 band cellular combiner amplifier

The only ways to improve signal over a longer (required) distance is to increase the length of the antenna to multitudes of the used wave lengths.


Make use of a RF/HF signal amplifier to simulate working with a large antenna whilst having actually a short antenna.

This is where the Harrier antenna signal combiner amplifier comes in. A cellular signal amplifier virtually multiplies the size of the cellular antenna. A longer antenna produces a stronger signal but if it is not possible to increase the antenna size an amplifier is the only solution to produce a better signal. The amount of amplification is limited by telecom regulations. Cellular signal is specified to have a defined maximum.

Amplified signal will reach much further and keeps at a high level producing a better/lower latency cellular signal

When this maximum send energy is reached the amplifier can’t do much more and that’s why the signal strength is dropping quickly when enlarging the distance between the router & amplifier and the cell tower beyond this point. But the differences in signal strengths are striking. So it is safe to point out a combiner amplifier is not improving the reach of a cellular router but also the signal quality in non-critical distances to the cell tower, that will anyway result in a lower latency and higher bandwidth.

Another very important factor is, due to your the cellular frequencies used, the propagation of the cellular signal through the air. This requires line of sight between transmitter and receiver. Despite the fact some people question the earth is shaped like a ball, for Radio Frequencies people this is truly a fact. They have to deal with line-of-sight of RF signals, like cellular frequencies.

When having your antennas nearer the ground the distance between these two is limited by the earths curve as shown in below image. If both the transmitter and receiver antennas are mounted higher the distance between transmitter and receiver antennas can be increased. When the signal strength of the transmitter antenna is increased, because of the application of our combiner amplifier, the attenuation through the air can be compensated so that still a good quality signal is being received by the receiver antenna.

line of sight
high antennas -router location/object and cell tower- will benefit the increased distance over a curved earth. Although some puffy people doubt that the earth is shaped like a globe…

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