Harrier 6-band Cellular Combiner Amplifier page 3

This product has some distinct features that make this product unique, like the drawer with a 5″ touch display for management and monitoring purposes. This display is build into a drawer which can be released by a ‘push-to-open / push-to-close’ switch. Manually release the drawer and fold the display upwards. This all for local/on-site management.

What makes this product unique is a cloud based remote management facility which enables the same functionality as the local management.

Passari Harrier: Access methods and several portal windows

Above picture makes clear that the portal can be accessed via multiple methods and shows a few screenshots of windows of monitoring and management.

The big question for every end user is always ‘does it work?’. Many installations have proven that it does. Defects are very rare, almost zero! But to help end-users below picture is taken in a scandinavian port before and after the installation of the combiner amplifier. The screenshots are made by our customer. Look particular to the signal to noise ratio figure. This is almost doubled and that will make the recognition of the transmitted digital cellular signal much better resulting in a much lower latency and as such a substantial better upload / download bandwiths.

2 screenshots of the same router

The output direct from the GUI of this router shows that we don’t manipulate the data presented here. Unfortunately the customer send the above (without Combiner Amp) results as a PNG image and the below figure (with the Combiner Amp) as a JPG image. That explains the degraded quality of the below results.

The RSSI value is indicating the amount of signal power the cellular router can accept. A value of -32 dBm is just amazing.

The RSRP value is indicating the quality of the received signal compared to the LTE reference signal. -69 dBm is 14 dBm better (with Amp). This equals to approximately a 20 times better received signal. Hence the almost doubled SN ratio figure of almost 2x better.

The Combiner Amplifier is equipped with an amplifier circuit that automatically controls the gain based on the distance to the cell tower it is connected to. Also it will take care that there will not happen any form of oscillation, which can occur when the receiver circuitry is actually receiving strong reflected signals. Another important feature is the fact that no signals are transmitted from the router the combiner amplifier will automatically switch off its amplifier circuits.

This all assures that the combiner amplifier will be undetected by any operator, which is supported by our customer because none of them is ever visited by any operator accusing the customers to disturb their radio network. It was several years ago confirmed by Vodafone Global, visiting them at their Dutch HQ, where the complained about the high amount of ‘boosters’ to be removed from operations. We thanked them for the compliment to our product which puzzled them. No device from us was ever taken out of operations with any client, after all. Which made Vodafone speak out that they were not aware we had these kind of products and made them compliment our efforts! They didn’t mind at all our customers using the combiner amplifiers….