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As described at the previous page the combiner amplifier enables a larger reach between any a cellular router and cell towers especially when the cellular antennas of the router are mounted externally at the highest possible position, keeping in mind that a long antenna cable to these external antennas attenuate the signal to and from these. Therefore premium quality coax cables are required, like i.e. LMR400 cable.

We have reportings from our customers, and have experienced ourselves as well, good LTE based cellular communications have been established at about 75-80 km from the coastline by different kind of ships, compared to the 35-40 km from the coastline with traditional settings. The cost savings of cellular over satellite communications make that the ROI of a Harrier installation is a matter of months.

This is one way of looking at this matter. There is however another important application (at land) that also justifies a Harrier application.

Imagine a sports event. The sports arena, located in a suburb area of a large city, is empty in daytime. Different cellular operators have in the neighbourhood there cell towers. Capacity is based on the amount of citizens plus some extra capacity estimated on ‘their’ part of subscribers when the sports arena is occupied. Broadcasters, traditionally making use of expensive satellite links, are moving to cellular based transmission technology. When there is a sporting event (soccer, athletics, ..) there is an audience (also imagine a post COVID-19 era) and all of these people have smartphones thus require a data communications registration at the cell towers. What actually happens is that the audience makes the registration of the cellular routers of the broadcasting companies nearly impossible. Even if they succeed in this than the overall throughput of a cell tower is limited because it is fully utilized.

Here comes the Harrier cellular combiner amplifier as well as a solution.

Smartphones have small antennas so they can only register to nearby cell towers. But since the amplifier boosts the cellular signal of the connected router, this router is capable of registering itself to remote cell towers and still have a solid good quality cellular connection. Therefore the operations of broadcasters will happen undisturbed, no matter the scale of the event and the size of the audience. They can simply reach further than anybody else and continue services.

This was invented by us working for public services in the Netherlands, fireguards, where there mobile office its cellular communications was disturbed by spectators making pictures and films with their smartphones and having sent these direct to YouTube. They were ‘eating’ the necessary bandwidth of this mobile office. The application of the combiner amplifier made these problems go away immediately.

combiner amplifier wiring

Harrier 6-band cellular combiner amplifier features

The Harrier is a 19″ 1U device with a 5″ touchdisplay mounted on a slider. It supports remote management, ideal for supporting customers which experience cellular issues, through an LAN connection to the internet. Via a cloud based service it is possible to monitor at any time the amplifier, even it has no cellular connection! In that case it will show that there is no cellular connection. The internet connectivity can than be made through any IP based connection (Satellite, WiFi, Fixed…). Every 30 seconds a sample of the settings is verified by the cloud service.

The Harrier is available in an European and a US/Canada/Caribbean model.

The information through the cloud based remote management is the same as what is available through the local touch display. Different user levels secure the settings inside the device.

Since 4G and 5G networks are continuously updated by the Mobile Network Operators it sometimes requires firmware updates to the combiner amplifier as well. This is possible to be made over the remote firmware upgrade facility.

If you want to receive the Passari Harrier 6-band Cellular Combiner Amplifier datasheet please follow this link.