Eagle series

Whereas the eagle is the top predator of birds of prey this is why our topline router carries this name as well.

The hardware is based around a 19″ 1U based router that is equipped with a high performance mainboard in terms of processing power and memory sizing. 2 PSU’s in failover mode for increased reliability. 4 Ethernet ports of which one is even 10 Gb/s! 4 cellular modems (3-4G and soon 5G as well).

The concept is build around the idea of Master-Slave devices. The 1st device is always a master as described in previous alinea. When there is need of more cellular connections a slave device can be attached to the master. This attachment is based on a true PCIe interface guaranteeing 5G compatibility in slave devices. A maximum of 4 slaves are supported with each master. Than up to 20 cellular modems can be simultaneously used for ultra high bandwidths realizing ultra reliable connections.

Passari Eagle front

Passari Eagle Master router

All connections are available at the frontside. Full size SIM cards inserts are at the front low right side under the SMA-F coaxial antenne connectors. These connectors allow for a short (= low loss) connection to our 19″ 1U 4-in-1 6-band cellular combiner amplifier making it possible to support 4G connections up to 75 km from the coastline!

Click here to receive a datasheet of the Passari Eagle router.