Buzzard series

This router is meant to be used in medium to small business.

Equipped with four 1 Gb/s Ethernet ports it also offers the possibility to add 3 more modems, either cellular or WiFi. Each Ethernet port can be individually assigned a role as either a LAN or a WAN port, fully customisable by your specific needs.

The cellular and/or WiFi modem add functionality in terms of online backup or have the router become a part of your WLAN network and have a role as an agent to any other WiFi-related service.

The Buzzard series router is a passively cooled device, hence the cooling ribs on top. Therefore it is quiet and it is still capable to sustain a wide temperature range under operations.

Buzzard router

front and rear side (2x LTE +1x WiFi6)

The Hawk router is aimed for usage at small to medium sized business that have to rely on an ‘always-on’ Internet connection. It supports all of our functionalities ranging from Load Balancing to Bonding, as well as the other functions. Also it allows for having any specific connection to be used as a backup link apart from the Load Balancing or Bonding feature.

If you want to know more about this product please click this link and you can download the Buzzard series datasheet.