Passari is a new brand. This -in itself- has a message of a limited range of products. This will expand over time obviously. From day 1 we have products that will cover already most of the demands by the market. Most important is actually the very mature status of the router OS offering functionality that many competitors have never dreamed of. And this only the beginning…

  • rugged equipment
  • 19″ rack equipment
  • small/desktop equipment
  • datacenter focused equipment
  • 19″ signal enhancing equipment
  • a worldwide SIM solution

The products will be explained -in depth- at subsequent pages.

Passari routers are capable of doing:

  • Load Balancing,
  • Seamless Load Balancing,
  • Bonding,
  • Diversity and
  • Mesh at the LAN side. Only Load Balancing doesn’t require a concentrating router in a datacenter, at the ‘other side’ of the internet. All the other functions require this opposing concentrating router that takes care of the collecting and sequencing of the datapackets coming in through different streams and delays, properly reframing the original traffic that was offered to the multiple routers at the remote locations. These concentrating routers, which are named Aerie series, can be either as physical routers or as a VM’s deployed.

All of our routers run a ultra stable router OS and offer ofcourse normal functions that are common in routers, like IPv4 and IPv6, NAT, VLAN’s, VPN’s and Firewall functions. All common ground.

Where our routers truly excel is the added functionality we have incorporated in the router OS, available over the full product range.

  • Extreme simple deployment, operational in minutes
  • Realtime GUI
  • Management through GUI, Cloud and Remote Access
  • Focused at lowest latency
  • QoS functions to support demanding streaming applications
  • Capable of interacting with mobile network operators functionality when these come available
  • Datacompression
  • Exciting features in our roadmap like Jitter control, L7 routing, Active-Active Standby and many others
  • Other tunnelling protocols
  • Ethernet over IP, L2 Bridging i.e. easy IoT remote deployments
  • eSIM support for full SIM management
  • Optimal collaboration with cellular combiner amplifier, enhancing signal reach reducing cellular antenna installation costs

At the specific product pages we offer more detailed information about these routers.