A new brand of Cellular -MultiWAN- routers with the ambition to become the best router available. As a consequence -being always online- required a different approach in router design. Passari addresses these challenges like no other.

Passari routers are redesigned, from the ground up, to be able to improve reliability and offer more bandwidth. Customers can choose from a multitude of functions to address their connectivity needs:

  • load balancing
  • seamless load balancing
  • bonding
  • diversity
  • mesh @ lan side

This redesign of the router enables the path to a new horizon of functionalities and specifications when the market asks for.

Agile Adaption = Digital Darwin!

Passari routers are MultiWAN cellular routers + Firewall securing your always-on experience over any kind of connection, end-to-end. Ranging from satellite to fiber Passari offers trusted connections. Performance over cellular links is unmatched in the market. Passari even extends this performance to distances beyond the horizon! Proven.

Passari keeps an eye at the future, always. eSIM full support is on the way. If your project requires some sort of specialisation we can work together to help to realize this.

Passari has recently succesfully tested 5G modems on their rugged router model with 2x 5G modems. The bonding performance was excellent making clear the the 1Gb LAN interface is an absolute necessary item!

Where our routers excel is the added functionality we have incorporated in the router OS, shared over the HW product range.

  • Extreme simple deployment, operational in minutes
  • Realtime GUI
  • Management through GUI, Cloud and Remote Access
  • Focused at lowest latency
  • QoS functions to support demanding streaming applications
  • Capable of interacting with mobile network operators functionality when these come available
  • Datacompression
  • Exciting features in our roadmap like Jitter control, L7 routing, Active-Active Standby and many others
  • Other tunnelling protocols
  • Ethernet over IP, L2 Bridging i.e. easy IoT remote deployments
  • eSIM support for full SIM management
  • Optimal collaboration with cellular combiner amplifier, enhancing signal reach & reducing cellular antenna installation costs

We are inspired by our customers pushing us forward to the limits of what is technological possible. Thinking out of the box and acting upon lead to achievements we all benefit from. We appreciate to be in close contact with our partners, being either distributors, resellers or end users. They can provide us with the input to improve and advance where and when necessary. Listening to the market is in our DNA, we want to produce solutions and services that help you to succeed in high demanding markets and projects. We do this together!

If you find a better router, buy it!

free to Mr. “” Lee Iacocca (1924-2019) the ‘inventor’ of the Ford Mustang. (Have a look at many of his quotes and discover our motivation in this as well)

We try to make the impossible possible, by making difficult tasks simple and enjoyable to do for our customers.