Passari Functions continued…

This page will go deeper in some special functions for specialized markets.

Diversity or Lowest Latency First is a way to always ensure the lowest latency signal is used to transport the datastream. Specific latency sensitive applications require very low latencies. Cellular networks are well knows to experience extreme latency swings of established connections. These can range from from some 10ths of milliseconds to multiple seconds, a factor of many hundreds.

When utilizing multiple high speed cellular connections -especially important whilst moving- it can happen that at a certain location and time cellular link B has the lowest latency. Link B experiences the quickest response over its cellular link. However a few hundred meters further Link C produces a lower latency.

Than the Link C signal will be passing through our Aerie concentrator router instead of Link B. This switching occurs in the millisecond space. No person is capable of noticing this. We take care of the proper packet sequencing.

Later Link A is experiencing the lowest latency, because of coming close to the cell tower of mobile operator A. Than automatically the Link A signal is forwarded through the concentrator. This whole process is happening fully automatic and constantly. No end user will notice the switching of these cellular links. Always only the lowest latency link will transport the signal and full bandwidth of that link is the maximum bandwidth in this solution.

Mesh @ LAN side is another function for very specific usage.

When multiple Passari routers appear at the same site, for instance during an ad-hoc situation with first responders, these routers will recognize of being from the same ‘family’ (when being configured so). Than the LAN networks of these Passari routers at this site will fuse together into one LAN segment extending its physical size being larger than just being offered by a single router.

Devices in this ‘Mesh LAN’ are all into the same LAN and as such can communicate with each other without any special adaptions. In other words this Mesh LAN is spontaneous created because of the presence of the same Passari ‘family member’ routers. If more family members appear at the site than this Mesh LAN will automatically expand in physical size.

That is exactly what First Responders / Public Safety wants to happen. The network is available when they arrive on-site and is automatically dismantled when leaving the site. No specific configuration required when arriving on site, fully automatic.

It is fair to state that specifically the Bonding, Diversity and Mesh @ LAN side functionality are setting the Passari routers apart from the competition because of the exceptional performance. However our Load Balancing and Seamless Load Balancing do a pretty good job in producing an extreme high efficiency of 99% of each individual WAN link.

Passari Routers: your Pathway to Permanent Performance!