What sets the Passari Router solution apart, ahead of any available solution?

Inter-networking is about connecting networks with each other. This requires routers. Therefore there are many type of routers differentiating based on tasks, processing power, nr. of connections, designed for core network tasks or just the opposite: at customer premises; edge routers meant for fixed line operations or for mobile applications.

Mobile applications can be quite challenging. Mobile in terms of ‘not connected to any physical line’, but not moving when operational. Or both of these: depending on a mobile (cellular) infrastructure AND moving whilst being operational.

The Passari router solution is designed with the most challenging demands in mind, requiring different types of mobile infrastructures work together, perform demanding tasks on data handling and transport and perform all of this in really demanding environments.

At the following pages we will explain one and another for the interested visitors to our site, whether being a (potential) customer, competitor or just being intrueged by our technology and achievements.

Mobile Routing and Challenges

Passari Cellular routing and performance

Passari special functions